Month: January 2009

An Overview of Document Types….

I thought it would be helpful to write about the different document types I have encountered while working as a technical writer in various industries (environmental, telecommunications, medical software, medical communications, etc.). I have made an attempt to define the documents based on my own ideas about them. The text in red was added in after googling

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How to work well with others (as a technical writer)….

In my three years of working as a technical writer, surprisingly, I have learned a few things about working well with others. I didn’t think that would be such a huge part of the job, but it has proven itself to be time and time again. So, I present you with a few tips and

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Various Uses of XML

It’s 11:00 pm, on a Friday night…….so why not write an article about the various uses of XML? You’ve probably heard that term before, and I’m sure you will hear it again. In my mind, it’s a way to make the information displayed on the internet more concise, searchable, and organized. I first became interested

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