Science Blogging 101 – How to Write About Science

frog-2I don’t know how many of you like to blog about science, but here are some tips.  Writing a blog post on a scientific subject is a little different than most other types of posts.  You do have to state true facts, but yet you don’t want your post to sound like a formal journal article.  It can sometimes be challenging to strike a balance between fact and observation, but you do want to strive to offer your own insights when possible.

Here are a few tips:

  • You should try to give your own opinion on the subject when possible.
  • Take a look at the research from multiple sources; preferably at least a few from the primary literature.
  • Try to have something original to say about the subject, such as your own thoughts and observations.  Perhaps you have found conflicting information or discrepancies?  Perhaps you have observed a trend or pattern that hasn’t been mentioned?  There is nothing wrong with throwing it out there!
  • Aim to present and explain the research as clearly as possible.
  • The post should not be too long, and certainly not the length of a journal article.
  • Try to stay way from stating facts only.  Just summarize the facts, then expand on them, and offer your opinion.
  • Try to keep the language a bit on the informal side (but not too informal).
  • Give all links and other references used in the post.
  • If a picture helps readers understand a point, certainly use one, but try to keep it related.

Feel free to comment if you see anything missing, and I will add your comment to the list!

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