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Evolution of Virulence in Nematode Parasites of Fig Wasps

Fig Wasp and Nematode Interaction: This 1993 David Herre paper discusses how increased opportunities for parasite transmission will promote the evolution of increased virulence. This is in contrast to the usual assumption that parasites and other disease-producing organisms tend to evolve benign relationships with their hosts. The model system used to demonstrate this point is

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Household Items Recycling Survey

The following survey was created as part of an action assignment for a conservation biology course at SFU. The goal of this survey is to provide you with some easily accessible information on how to recycle some common household items.  And also, to find out what might be stopping or blocking you from recycling

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The Brooks Peninsula in B.C. as an Ice Age Refugium

One of the interesting things I learned about in the phytogeography course was that there was a glacial refugium right here in B.C., located on the Brooks Peninsula of Vancouver Island (see point A on the map). So I wondered, how was it determined that this was a glacial refugium, and what evidence was taken

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