Flipbook Project and other Blog Postings 2021 and 2022

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Please take a look here at my recent projects and showcases. The Flipbook was a team project, completed for the Scarfe Digital Sandbox. Other science blog postings were written for both the UBC Faculties of Applied Science and Education.

Flipbook Project Showcase – by the Project Team 2021

Click below to check out the Scarfe Sandbox Flipbook:


Geering Up’s People-focused Workshops 2022

An overview of the UBC Faculty of Applied Science’s Geering Up program – taking a look at their people focused workshops and initiatives.


Storytelling for STEM Subjects – by Jacqueline 2021

This post explains the concept of teaching science and tech by using storytelling methods. Some relevant examples are also discussed, including the First People’s Principles of Learning.


Honing Pattern Recognition Skills through Dance – by Jacqueline 2021

Another resource post that demonstrates and explains the concept of pattern recognition through learning dance steps. Pattern recognition is useful in mathematics, computer science, scientific discovery and research – and more specifically in biogeography and evolutionary biology. 


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New Ideas for Blog Postings!

I enjoy spreading the word about interesting science, and I’m hoping to delve into some subjects that I’m not as familiar with this year, such as physics and astronomy. Here is your opportunity to give me some of your own ideas for science-based blog posts! Write to me at admin @ masit.ca if you have anything you’d like to see me write about on here in the coming months.


  • Northern Mountain Ecosystems in a Warming Climate
  • Earth’s Moon – Interesting Facts
  • Plastics Recycling – How energy efficient is the plastics recycling process?
  • Early Scientist Overview – Female
  • Coyotes – Behaviour and interaction with humans

Science Blogging 101 – How to Write About Science

frog-2I don’t know how many of you like to blog about science, but here are some tips.  Writing a blog post on a scientific subject is a little different than most other types of posts.  You do have to state true facts, but yet you don’t want your post to sound like a formal journal article.  It can sometimes be challenging to strike a balance between fact and observation, but you do want to strive to offer your own insights when possible.

Here are a few tips:

  • You should try to give your own opinion on the subject when possible.
  • Take a look at the research from multiple sources; preferably at least a few from the primary literature.
  • Try to have something original to say about the subject, such as your own thoughts and observations.  Perhaps you have found conflicting information or discrepancies?  Perhaps you have observed a trend or pattern that hasn’t been mentioned?  There is nothing wrong with throwing it out there!
  • Aim to present and explain the research as clearly as possible.
  • The post should not be too long, and certainly not the length of a journal article.
  • Try to stay way from stating facts only.  Just summarize the facts, then expand on them, and offer your opinion.
  • Try to keep the language a bit on the informal side (but not too informal).
  • Give all links and other references used in the post.
  • If a picture helps readers understand a point, certainly use one, but try to keep it related.

Feel free to comment if you see anything missing, and I will add your comment to the list!